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What's New

Digital Radiology

In our ongoing efforts to maintain our long held AAHA accreditation and in keeping with our efforts to maintain state of the art equipment and services both animal hospital east and animal hospital south have added digital radiology. We now have digital dental radiology and general digital radiology. This allows us to make x-ray images more quickly and manipulate the image to focus on problem areas and get better and more consistent resolution. Digital radiology is also more environmentally responsible.

We will be closing at 5:30 on the following Monday evenings: September 22, September 29, October 6th and October 13th. Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

Join us on September 28th from 1-5pm in Carrier Park for Mix 96.5’s Dog Day Afternoon! We will be hosting the first aid tent for pets and people, and will be microchipping dogs throughout the day. This is Asheville’s only dog friendly city festival and features a huge adopt-a-thon, cool pet tricks and contests, local music and entertainment, and of course local food and beer. Most importantly, it’s a day to celebrate our best friends while supporting Brother Wolf and the Asheville Humane Society. Look for our booth and come by to say hello with your furry friends!

Upon receiving the December 2013 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Margaret Kuhn was impressed with the soft beauty of the cover painting. It is reminiscent of our North Carolina mountains, especially during their most quiet time. Dr. Margaret Kuhn made contact with the painter, Mr. Robert Ogren of Roseville, Minnesota through his son-in-law, Dr. Jim Schoster, a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. Mr. Ogren agreed to allow Dr. Kuhn to have the painting if she would make an in kind donation to the AVMA Foundation which helps animals and their pet parents in need. This was a wonderful opportunity for our hospital to donate to such a deserving organization dedicated to humane relief and animal welfare. Of course we thank Mr. Ogren for his unexpected generosity. As an aside, Mr. Ogren was 92 years old when he made his painting. He continues to paint today. For that we are grateful!

Animal Hospital South has a new very sunny room dedicated to our feline patients. The room is in the front corner of the building with almost floor-to-ceiling height windows covered with beautiful walnut blinds in the event the sun becomes too bright. Your family pet will always be able to look out at the activity of people walking as well as wildlife moving around the beautiful tall blue spruce tree. As an added bonus, a doctor’s desk is also positioned in this room so that a doctor will be making telephone calls as well as checking on patients on computer. Your kitty will have that added company throughout the day!

Both of our hospitals were specifically and purposefully placed away from the road in order for secure safety of all our patients entering and exiting their cars as well as the hospital front door. The sounds of traffic are muted allowing your pet to feel more at home. Also there are no roads directly in front of the glass front of the hospitals. There is ample open and wooded space in order to walk your dog prior to and at the conclusion of your pet’s appointment or hospitalization. Our patients are calmer when they enter Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South!

Both hospitals employ some very generous people. In fact that is pretty much a prerequisite for a career at Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South. The entire medical room inside the Asheville Humane Society Education and Adoption Center is a testament to the generosity of the team members. In addition, all have donated to the American Veterinary Medical Association Foundation which is responsible for placing monies where the need is greatest such as the past Hurricane Katrina disaster in the southeast as well as Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. Animal Compassion Network as well as Clover’s Care have also been the lucky recipients of the staff at Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South!

Brother Wolf!

We are particularly proud to have been asked to partner with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. This aligns with our interest of trying to provide the most humane compassionate medical care to as many homeless pets as humanly possible. Brother Wolf is a no-kill organization and they are amazing in their dedication to their cause. Nothing stands in their way to accomplish their goal of finding homes for the homeless. Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South have donated countless hours as well as medical supplies to assist this well deserving organization in their quest.

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

In an attempt to foster the veterinary community, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association promotes the integrity and excellence of veterinary care as well as serving as an advocate and voice for veterinary medicine. The NCVMA is also committed to animal welfare organizations including local large and small animal groups such as Hope for Horses, Clover’s Care, and Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Dr. Tom Kuhn has taken his role as an Asheville veterinarian seriously and has committed a portion of his time as the Western North Carolina representative for several years. He also is an officer of our state organization. Dr. Kuhn was awarded the 2013 North Carolina Veterinarian of the Year. We are all very proud of him!

New Digital Radiography and Ultrasound

Animal Hospital South has a new, most technologically advanced, digital radiograph machine for your pet’s advanced imaging care. This allows a decreased time your pet needs to be positioned for x-rays thus creating a more favorable hospital experience. It also creates the ability to send the picture by internet easily, thus allowing for expediency to specialist opinions if necessary. In keeping with our commitment as a green hospital, digital radiography eliminates the chemicals used in traditional developing. Everyone with a camera understands this difference!

Our fourth ultrasound machine is the newest and latest technology in sound wave imaging. This enables the veterinary clinician to peer into the interior of various internal organs and make measurements as well as analyze density and texture. The organs most often studied are the heart, liver, kidney, bladder, adrenals, and thyroid. This process does not involve radiation. Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South each have the ultimate in ultrasound technology as well as advanced academic capability.

Cat Friendly Practice Certification

News flash; Animal Hospital East has become Certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, as a Cat Friendly Practice. A Cat Friendly Practice is committed to learning the ways to make the visit more pleasant for your cats and to help you learn ways that you can contribute also.

cat in bedA Cat Friendly Practice has created an environment that is less threatening to cats and meets the cat’s unique needs. The staff at this practice is aware of ways they can interact and handle your cat so that examinations and procedures will be less stressful.

A Cat Friendly Practice also values your contribution to your cat’s healthcare plan and will make every effort to help you understand your cat’s needs and help you learn what you can do at home to ensure that they get the care they need.

Summer Safety Tips

Leaving a pet in the car, even for a few minutes, can have deadly consequences. Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat enough to stay cool in the heat. Instead they pant, which allows outside air to flow over their tongues and dissipate heat. As the outside temperature increases, this becomes less effective and a dog can quickly get overheated. Even on days that don’t seem that hot the temperature inside of a car can quickly reach dangerous temperatures. The following graph shows the results of a study that measured the temperature change in a car on a sunny day over 60 minutes when the outside temperature was 73, 84, and 93 degrees.

Even on a 73-degree day, the temperature inside a vehicle becomes dangerous within the first 20 minutes. This study also showed that cracking the windows made no appreciable difference in the eventual temperature and barely affected the rate at which the temperature rose.

So please don’t leave your dog in the car. Leave them at home, or consider bringing them with you when you leave your car. We’re lucky to live in a town where dogs are welcomed in many establishments.

Kidney Disease

Unfortunately, many older cats develop kidney disease. Here is a good website to help owners understand the disease.

FDA Warns Against Chinese Jerky

More than 1,800 complaints have been filed over chicken jerky treats for dogs made in China, according to the FDA. Despite extensive testing of the products over the past five years, along with an inspection of the manufacturing facility, the FDA has not identified a causative agent in the treats and has not issued a recall. However, additional testing is under way, according to an FDA spokeswoman. In recent months, there’s been reports of pets becoming gravely ill — even dying — and the common thread are those healthy, simple chicken jerky treats. Read more here.

Helping Cats Eat

Sometimes pet owners have a reason to encourage their cats to eat, especially older cats or cats that are ill or recovering. Here are a few tips to help encourage your cat: Cats prefer to eat alone, especially if older, in a quiet easily accessible place. So, food should not be on top of a counter. It helps to try and make food more palatable by warming, adding chicken broth or some other tasty condiment. Older pets have diminished senses and sometimes need taste and smell enhancers like broth. And, cats prefer to eat from a shallow broad dish, like a flat plate or bowl and not just something small and cute.

Dogswell Recall

Arthur Dogswell is voluntarily recalling 1,050 cartons of Catswell brand VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins due to possible propylene glycol contamination. Propylene glycol may lead to anemia and oxidative cell damage. The contaminant was identified during routine FDA testing.

Feline Resources

The CATalyst Council is an interesting site for cat owners interested in health and welfare issues and can be accessed here. The American Association of Feline Practitioners which our hospitals are a member of is an excellent source for researching various Cat Health Topics. This site can be accessed here. The page for pet owners on the American Animal Hospital Association can be accessed here. Our hospitals are hospital members of this association too.

The CATalyst Council has a great video about acquainting your cat to the carrier and making his or her traveling experience much more pleasant and acceptable to both you and your pet. View this excellent video here.

New Links Added

We have added a new link on our links page. Check out the Indoor Pet Initiative ( or click here.

AAHA Member

Animal Hospital South is proud to be an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of veterinary care. AAHA regularly inspects our hospital to ensure that we comply with the association's standards for facilities, equipment, and quality procedures. AAHA standards are recognized around the world as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine. Approximately 12 percent of animal hospitals in the United States are accredited by AAHA.


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