New Information on Pet Nutrition! and have great information regarding your pets’ health and the best things you can be feeding your furry friends. For more information or if you have questions about your pet’s nutrition, stop by the clinic and ask our doctors and knowledgable staff!


When an animal is in pain, and its owner can’t afford treatment, who suffers? Clover’s Care is an Asheville-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needed care to animals with no voice. Employees of both Animal Hospital East and South have donated significantly to this cause.


Healthypet has several helpful articles and links on how to deal with your pet, as well as a veterinarian locator.


An excellent source for information about dogs, cats, reptiles, and small mammals.


Visit this link to find out more about the subtle ways our feline friends hide their illnesses and the not so subtle ways they try to tell us about it.