Clover’s Care Mission

Clover the dog


4/20/1994 – 3/13/2008

We strive to provide needed veterinary care to our companions with no voice. Too many times pets are surrendered to shelters simply because their guardian cannot afford the needed care. In the Asheville, North Carolina area alone, 54% of school students are receiving free or reduced price meals. These same families deserve the ability to keep their family pet disease free. Why should the other family member suffer because of circumstances they cannot control? Will you help? There are many good and needed rescue organizations and they do their job well, but wouldn’t it be better if they didn’t have to care for so many? Clover’s Care is one sure way to significantly reduce the rescued pet population. Please donate to this cause. Any amount is appreciated!

Unlike so many charitable organizations, there are no administrative costs associated with Clover’s Care. There are no paid staff members and no fee associated with board of directorships. All work for the foundation is done voluntarily and as a public service. 100% of your donation is utilized according to the mission of providing care to pets who would otherwise not have the pleasure of a disease and pain free life.

Clover was adopted from the Friends of Animals Shelter as a 10 week old puppy. As soon as she was housetrained, she moved outside to become the guard of her property. No one got past without a bark and a sniff. She had a family who loved her and she always received the best of care.

Donation boxes are conveniently located at the front office desk at Animal Hospital East and Animal Hospital South.